A Day in the Life of a Roman


If you’ve ever any questions about the Romans, Kevin who leads the Live like a Roman experience, is the person to ask; he is a wonderful guide and an absolute fountain of knowledge when it comes to the Roman era!

We took some German tour operators to sample this experience and they were quickly put to work erecting a hand-made Roman tent; a wonderful tactile structure, which sheltered them from the elements. Inside the tent, a delectable feast of Roman dishes was laid out for the guests to try, most of which were made from authentic recipes. After the Roman lunch, the guests embarked on a fascinating walking tour of Hadrian’s Wall, learning all about the trials and tribulations of that era from their expert costume-clad guide, Kevin is so accustomed to the Northumberland elements that he doesn’t seem to feel the cold wind in his robe!

This historical adventure takes place on the iconic Hadrian’s Wall, with fabulous views across the Northumberland landscape.

Stephanie WalshStephanie Walsh