Birds of Prey in Northumberland


National Park Birds of Prey Experience

This is a fun and engaging experience where guests get to handle, feed and fly the vast array of beautiful birds at this falconry business.  Mark and Mandy are wonderful hosts who make guests feel at home instantly, the art of falconry is in their blood and their care and love for the birds is evident for all to see; they run this as a business but really, it’s a lifestyle choice for them.

We took a group of German tour operators here and they thoroughly enjoyed their visit, they loved the birds and were very impressed with the wealth of knowledge and commitment from Mark, Mandy and their friendly staff. The visitors also took a real shine to the pet dog and were plotting ways to take him back home to Germany!  

This experience is hands-on, guests see each of the birds in situ to learn about their origins and traits, they then have the opportunity to don leather gloves and fly the working birds, which is great for action-shot photo opportunities! The experience is rounded off with a serving of Ham & Pea Stotties; a Stottie is a Northumberland cob/bap/breadcake/roll/sandwich!  

Spending time at Falconry Days is insightful and great fun but it also helps visitors to understand why the art of falconry is rightfully listed as a world living human heritage.

Stephanie WalshStephanie Walsh