Five things that make England's National Parks Extraordinary!


Broads National Park by Dan Cook

1. They are the best of England

Our National Parks are simply the best places to experience England's world-famous countryside.

Their extraordinary landscapes, natural beauty, wildlife, heritage and communities have had the highest level of protection for almost 70 years. They are protected so everyone can enjoy them, including you.

2. They are full of life

With nearly 500,000 people living within them, our National Parks are not gated reserves.

They are truly living, working landscapes where you can really immerse yourself in timeless everyday rural life.

3. They are truly inspirational

English National Parks have inspired many poets, painters and musicians throughout history.

People like Edward Elgar, William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter. By their nature, they make hearts glow and spirits soar. Come and feel for yourself.

4. They are free

When you get out into an English National Park, you can roam freely across so much of the landscape.

We have an unmatchable network of public trails, paths, byroads, greenways and accessible land for you to wander and explore. And, of course, all the Parks are free of charge to enter.

5. ...and they have pubs!

Nowhere else in the world has cosy rural English pubs, typically with ancient oak beams, pretty pub gardens and a welcome as warms as the fire crackling in the grate.

You'll be surprised too by the modern menus and wide range of excellent, often locally-sourced food. There are so many to discover in the English National Parks, it would take a - very happy - lifetime!

Stephanie WalshStephanie Walsh