Underground & Overground Limestone Lands


Journey into what is often referred to as England’s finest limestone scenery! You start the journey at Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail near the quaint village of Clapham.

During the walk up to the cave with a local knowledgeable guide you learn all about the Farrer family, who have owned the land and have helped to shape the village of Clapham. There are lots of fantastic sites to see along the way; from a beautiful lake to plants that Reginald Farrer, the famous writer and plant collector, has planted along the trail.

You will also get to see The Money Tree, they say that money doesn’t grow on trees, but take a close look at this yew tree and you may beg to differ! Hundreds of coins have been pressed into the trunk and branches; a contribution from those who believed they would be granted a wish or good health in return. Trees can live for thousands of years. The oldest ones in the UK are thought to date back to the 10th century.

A guided trip around the Cave awaits, and your guide will lead as you follow in the footsteps of James Farrer and his group of intrepid Victorian explorers, who broke down a limestone barrier in 1837 to find 1/2 km of passages, all explored with only candlelight for comfort!

Discover stunning limestone formations such as the Sword of Damocles, The Beehive, The Jockeys Cap and The Witches Fingers - but be careful not to get dripped on! Your guide will show you where the tooth of a Woolly Rhinoceros, extinct some 10,000 years ago, was found. They will also point out the passages that lead on beyond the public part of the showcave, ultimately joining up with Gaping Gill, where you will head after lunch.

In homage to those intrepid explorers, a Victorian style buffet lunch awaits you near the end of the Cave, before you will head back out to continue your day of further exploration around this stunning area!

Stephanie WalshStephanie Walsh