Broads National Park

A watery wonderland, the Broads is Britain’s largest protected wetland.

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The park

Its shallow lakes were dug out in medieval times – the peat removed and used for fuel. For centuries afterwards it was assumed that the broads had been formed by natural processes – their true origins not being rediscovered until 1952.

A haven for wildlife; despite comprising only 0.1% of the UK, the area boasts more than 25% of its rarest species. The swallowtail, Britain’s largest butterfly, calls the Broads – and only the Broads – home.

Pleasure boating has been part of the way of life here since the 19th Century and the National Park is still one of Europe’s most popular inland waterways. Hire a day boat to explore the wetlands and winding waterways.

Look out for the distinctive windmills dotting the landscape. Once used to drain the land, with a few serving to grind corn, many have been lovingly restored to their former glory.

Heathrow 3 hours

Hull 3.30 hours

200 kilometres

Navigable waterways in the Broads

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The Broads National Park Overview

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