Northumberland National Park

The ‘land of far horizons’ home to England’s cleanest rivers, purest air and darkest skies.

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The park

Described as ‘the Land of the Far Horizon’, the National Park is also England’s largest Dark Sky Park. Here on a clear night, you can see thousands of stars, the Milky Way and even the Andromeda Galaxy (2.5 million light years away). If you’re lucky you might even spot the Aurora Borealis.

The landscape under these stars is ancient. Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site snakes along Northumberland’s stunning crags and escarpments. A fixed frontier of the Roman Empire from coast to coast, it was once occupied by both soldiers and civilians.

The landscape is just as wild today, and as the least populated of all the National Parks, nature thrives. Being close to nature and the sense of tranquillity, belay the park’s bloody history of wild Border Reivers and Roman army camps.

A good starting point to explore is The Sill: National Landscape Discovery Centre on Hadrian’s Wall, which has excellent exhibitions about the history, culture and heritage of our landscapes.

Heathrow 6 hours

Newcastle 1 hour

Port of Tyne 1 hour

AD 122

when the Romans began construction of Hadrian’s Wall

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